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Nov 20 2012

Why We Should All Be Pissed About the Hostess Bankruptcy

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If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve probably heard the world’s worst headline about how the sugary-snack company Hostess is going bankrupt and is forced to shutdown. What was thought of as a miserable day for just fat kids globally, turned into a full out sweet tooth pandemic, forcing even the best-bodied (and biggest sweet-teethed) consumers into a frenzy!

While there’s good news that the some of the company’s iconic products may be saved, most of the wholesome goodness have been cleaned off the shelves, never to be seen again.

And since we love sweets, we’re giving you the reasons every single person should be upset this company’s going out of biz. Besides the thousands of workers losing their jobs, we’re all losing out on a little something good…

The Death of Twinkies

We never thought we’d see the day the twinkie would end, but sadly, that day turned into last Friday, when they were scraped off the shelves, with some (crazy) people even auctioning off boxes of the treat for five-hundred bucks on eBay.

It’s a little insane to think someone would spend that much money on a snack, but if you’ve recently eaten a twinkie, we bet it at least crossed your mind should you have an urge to eat one.

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