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Nov 20 2012

The Funniest Team Names in All of College Sports

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Since we’re in the heart of football season both in college and in the NFL, I think it’s time we take a look at some of the funnier names out there.   I mean when you think about it, the higher ups must be playing a joke on us right?  They just have to be.  And it’s not even like they’re trying to be witty about it.   The name “cocks?”  Come on guys!  Can’t you at least have a code or something?

Then again, it’s hilarious and what am I going to do, complain?  Absolutely not.  There’s just no way I can.

Anyway, take a look at some of these ridiculous college team names…..

South Carolina Gamecocks

OK this one will be a shocker until the end of time. Because you know every single game these guys play there are people in the stands laughing their asses off. And it will NEVER end. The best part is that I wouldn’t doubt at least 90% of the South Carolina fans out there love this fact and revel in it.

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