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Nov 16 2012

Criminal of the Year: Dude’s Fake $100 Bills Had Abe Lincoln on Them

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A Rhode Island man police say used counterfeit $100 bills to make purchases at a Target store made a critical mistake. The bills had a picture of President Abraham Lincoln on them. Real $100 bills bear a picture of Benjamin Franklin. Lincoln’s portrait graces the $5 bill. Dana Leland of Central Falls, R.I., was held on $1,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty Wednesday in Attleboro District Court to charges of uttering a counterfeit note and possession of a counterfeit note.

Of all the ways to go to jail – to put Abe Lincoln on a $100 bill. Dude, haven’t you heard the song “It’s All About the Benjamins”? What did you think they were rapping about having a lot of $5 bills? You’re killing me man – I really don’t want this guy to get jail time because this was a cute little mistake, but counterfeiting is counterfeiting.

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