. Industries that take Advantage of Their Customers | - Part 2

Nov 15 2012

Seven Industries that Rip you off Because You Don’t Have Much of a Choice

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I’m not talking about insurance here.  I’m talking about healthcare in general.  Have you ever looked at what the “retail” cost is of healthcare?  It’s obscene.   It’s almost as though it doesn’t even exist.   The term “out of pocket” applies to almost no one when it comes to the entire bill.   Ever look at the cost of an overnight stay in a hospital?  How about a routine check up at the doctor?  It’s like 300-500 dollars!   I mean how the hell are those prices justified.  Staying in a hospital for over a week would cost over 10 grand.  Yes, over 10 grand.  Surgeries?  Forget about it.   Look, I don’t know what the mark up is or the justification of these prices are.  But the equipment, facilities, staff can’t be THAT expensive to justify those prices.

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