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Nov 15 2012

Seven Industries that Rip you off Because You Don’t Have Much of a Choice

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Here’s the thing.  There are plenty of “necessity” type industries out there that can completely rip you off because you need their services.    And for the most part I think we can all agree that most of these types of industries are overpriced to begin with.  However, not all of these guys are so blatant to the point that we talk about them on a daily basis.  Take the baby industry for example.   Companies could charge $1000 for a baby car seat and people would have to pay it but that simply won’t ever happen because well…I don’t know frankly.   But thankfully my car seat was reasonably priced.

Unfortunately though, not all companies are like this.   And not all businesses are like this.   Many businesses take full advantages of people knowing that without them, options are limited so priced are hiked up to the point of being quite unfair.

Here are seven industries I think kick our asses on a daily basis….


Are the prices for pills fair?  That’s not even what I’m going to attempt to answer here.  What I will say is this.   If you think that a cure for certain types of cancers and diseases couldn’t have been found by now then think again.   Pharmaceutical companies are leeches.   They latch on to sick people and keep them alive so they continue to make them money.  It’s that simple.   Now, are all the people that work for these companies like this?  Certainly not.  However, it’s an industry that wouldn’t survive if they produced “cure all” medications.  And yeah, prices are too high.

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