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Nov 13 2012

Celebs With Random Street Cred

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It’s only human nature for guys to want to gain street cred. We’re not talking about rolling with a couple buddies and acting like you’re still Freshmen in college, but for just having that overall brohood that’s understood by any guy that might cross your path.

For whatever reason, some guys just have it. Could be they look legit to people, or just because they’ve got a smokeshow that everyone wants holding his arm.

But because street cred can’t be explained, here’s a couple celebs who leave us scratching our heads wondering how they hell they ended up with some.

Kris Humphries

This one came to us while watching The Association late the other night. While some of Humphries’ teammates got crap for doing something dumb on or off the floor, dude knows he trumps anyone who tries to punk him out. Why? Umm, look at that picture and ask yourself that question again.

Bottom line, when you can say you’ve banged and married Kim K, than you can all but do whatever the hell you want. She might not be everyone’s dream girl, but she’s pretty damn close… and that broner somehow has her as a notch on his belt. Hey! At least there’s hope for us… maybe?

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