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Nov 12 2012

Why You Need a New Wardrobe

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Every guy thinks he has style, but the truth is, there’s only a few out there that can pull off what you think you can.

And just because your mancrush happens to be rocking a mega-Euro haircut, vintage boots, and a shirt that’s probably way too expensive for you to even touch, it doesn’t mean you should try and duplicate.

With Fall in full swing, we offer up some advice on what you can (and can’t) get away with wearing this season.

We’re getting into the best style season of the year—where you’re able to layer, and show your personal touch—but just remember to do it right. These are the days to look your best.

It’s Not 2005 Anymore

We know it’s difficult to accept, but it’s unfortunately true; seven years have passed since you last wore that suit that’s been hanging in your closet, and there’s no reason you should even think about dusting it off.

No matter the occasion, much like a good steak, a suit these days should be catered to your body. Keep it tight and fitted. The whole baggy thing played a hand and lost, so don’t try bringing it back.

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