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Nov 06 2012

Five Awkward Greetings That have Happened to All of Us

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In our society it’s customary to greet someone with some kind of sign of affection.   It could be something as simple as saying “hello.”   Or it could get a little more fancy like shaking a hand a specific way, or giving someone a kiss on the cheek.  Hell we might even toss up a high five here and there.

However, once you introduce all of these new ways of connecting someone you also introduce multiple forms of potential error.  And in our lifetimes we always end up experiencing some of these.

Here are five awkward greetings that have happened to all of us…..

The kiss landed wrong

We’ve all been there.   Hell it’s funnier when you are giving one of those kiss hellos to your friends wife and then bam, you wind up kissing her on the lips.  Obviously it wasn’t intentional.  It’s just that your face and hers accidentally went in the same direction and you both feel like idiots.

Hand going where it’s not supposed to

This is when you are trying to make a certain kind of a hand shake and it just doesn’t go the way you thought it would.   A finger might land in the wrong place.   You might completely miss altogether.  It’s just a bad state of affairs when this happens.  You brush it off like nothing but both of you know how awkward it is.   I’ve had the “hand bump into breast” incident a few times.  Tee hee.

The missed high five

You’d think you only see this in movies like Revenge of the Nerds and that it will never happen to you.   I can recall 3 times in my life where this actually happened.   The two parties are amazed that they performed the ritual so poorly and usually laugh it off.

The too weak or too strong a grip

Nothing is more annoying than when someone just lays their hand there and you feel nothing.  In the opposite token, dude don’t break my hand.  It’s really not necessary.

The crap on your face greeting

Nothing is more awkward when you know someone has something really embarrassing on their face or body and it’s not really your place to point it out.   Sucks.

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