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Nov 06 2012

5 Celebs We Wish Were Presidential Candidates

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It’s Election Day, are you ready? While you’ve gone back and forth hearing about the major issues from Obama and Romney, trying to figure out who the best man is to lead our country, we’ve been thinking about the celebrities that could probably do just as great a job.

Though being President isn’t necessarily the easiest job, and definitely wouldn’t be as fun as what these current celebs are doing now, we’d like to see what they had if ever given the chance in Washington.

That’s right, we’re here to give you the five celebs we’d nominate without a second. For better or worse, they’d have full support of the nation, it’d just be convincing that damn Electoral College to agree with the popular vote.

Will Ferrell

You’ve probably seen all his impersonations of George Bush from back in his SNL days, so why not make it a reality? He’d probably be pro anything cool, would add some humor to the White House, and we’d love to his policy on public nudity and/or intoxication. He pulled off Cam Brady in The Campaign, so who’s to think he couldn’t pull off the real President?

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