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Nov 05 2012

The Worst Things To Do On a Sunday

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It was a tough weekend for us. It started out with our driver’s side car window breaking, not being able to be closed, and a drunken argument about how the Browns are the worst team in football. Which is a pointless argument because, well, they are the worst team in football!

Either way, we tried salvaging something good from the weekend yesterday by watching football all day and being extremely lazy. That’s what Sunday’s are for, right?

Well since we go to do it, it made us think of the alternatives. The things that we’d hate to do. These are just a couple of them.


We know it’s an extremely popular sport, and a lot of people like to either go to races or watch them on TV—especially here in the South—but we can think of about five-million things we’d rather do than waste three hours to watch a car go around in a circle.

People claim it’s exciting to watch, and not to knock it till we’ve tried it. Problem is, that’s like saying crack’s fun and exciting, and to not knock it till trying it. No thanks.

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