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Nov 02 2012

Most Overplayed Internet Phenomenons

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If you’ve gone on the internet or turned on the radio in the past month or so—and we’re guessing you have—you know that PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has quickly become a cult sensation.

The song’s a complete hit, the video’s a little, well, bizarre, and the impact it’s left on people all over the world is pretty crazy.

Thanks to this, it got us thinking about some of the other more recent phenomenon’s that have popped up on the internet, and why we either can’t (or couldn’t) wait for them to go away like a bad rash.

Were they fun when the first couple thousand people did it? Sure. But once that number grew to the millions, it’s safe to say we were all counting down the days until they faded.

Here are just some of the more popular (and annoying) ones.

“Call Me Maybe” Parodies

A song everyone loves to hate, the internet sensation was actually spurned on by itself, as Justin Bieber and other celebs filmed themselves dancing and lip-synching the lyrics. While it was pretty funny to see, it wasn’t as amusing once everyone and their mother started doing it.

Oh, and did we mention Bieber was the one who signed singer Jepsen to a deal? Good marketing by him, bad job by everyone else for trying to duplicate.

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