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Nov 02 2012

6 Power Tools You Don’t Need Often but are Awesome Anyway

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What is it about tools that make most men as giddy as a little girl getting her first My Little Pony?  Seriously, what the hell is it?  I’m gonna take a stab here and say that anything that can potentially cause major injury is something that men will always respect and if they can harness that power for good, then they will automatically enjoy using such a tool or device.

With that said I wanted to discuss some power tools that can easily kill a person.  These are tools that professionals should probably be using but many men like us (stupid men) will buy them anyway.

Check out six power tools you don’t need often but are awesome anyway…..

Industrial strength power washer

The first time I used one of these bad boys was as a lifeguard when we had to get some gooey crap off the sides of the pool.  I was obsessed with these things.   It’s essentially like using the most powerful eraser in the world and it works by use of water.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  They’re loud as hell and just be sure you don’t fool around and put your hand underneath the water.   You’ll have a rude awakening.

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