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Nov 01 2012

Five Reasons Why Hurricane Sandy Can Be a Positive Thing

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I’m sitting here writing this at my mother in law’s house as we speak.  I happen to live on Long Island and needless to say I am without power.  Miraculously I’m inside one of the 10% of homes that have power at the moment.   While I’m miserable because I’m staying with a zillion more people than I’d like I also know how lucky I am that my house wasn’t destroyed and that I have a roof over my head right now.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still pissed, sad, emotional, you name it.   But at the same time I’m really doing my best to keep a level head and try and find the positive in all of this.

So in my search for the good in disaster here are five things I think are positives about Hurricane Sandy.

It brings people together

I’ve always been depressed at this fact but it’s an inevitable one about America.  When America sees tragedy, America comes together.  It’s just that simple.  In times of war, chaos, hurricanes, you name it, we as a country seem to be at our best.   We help each other out and go the extra mile for our communities and country.  We show patriotism and actually care about what’s important.   Why can’t we be this way all year around?

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