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Oct 29 2012

The Tokyo Game Show is a Great Place for Talented Beauties

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Back in September, Japan held one of its finest events:  The Tokyo Game Show.  It’s probably the biggest annual video game expo in the country.  Every year thousands of people come out to attend to see what the latest video game releases and technology are.

Me?  I would be going for the chicks.   There was a virtual endless supply of hotties at this year’s event.

Check out the ladies after the jump…..

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Oct 29 2012

Ways to Mentally and Physically Prepare for a Multi Family Trip

Published by under Editorial

A couple of weeks ago I went on a trip that consisted of four families all within the same family.  Basically it was me, my and and my son, her sister and brother’s families, and her mother and uncle.   Oh and did I mention my son was 2 months old and there were also five other children on this trip?

As fun as that may sound it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.   The fact is, no matter how well you get along with other people, that many people and trying to be together and do many of the same activities can be an absolute nightmare.  So how in the hell can you pull this off?

My advice is do as much as you can before the trip.  It’s not going to solve all your problems, but it will help.   Check out my tips after the jump….

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Oct 29 2012

Monday’s Madness: Girls in Nature Starts It, Terrifying Diseases, and MLB Playoffs WAGs

Published by under Monday Madness

Click on the photo for more beautiful girls in nature

It’s just another subcategory of hot women out there but it works so well doesn’t it?  I mean if you ever had to rough it out in the woods wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a woman in a bikini there to keep you company?  Not to mention wearing makeup and being clean?  Makes perfect sense.

The Madness

Most terrifying diseases that doctors can’t explain – [Cracked]

The hottest WAGs of the MLB playoffs – [Unathletic]

When I need a quick fix of celebrity hotness I go here – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Just another UK hottie called Lucy Collett – [Bromygod]

If you’re in need of a geek site then go here – [Majorgeeks]

Former Miss Venezuela did a bikini shoot – [Moejackson]

Undeniable universal laws you must follow – [Nedhardy]

The best place to get your sports on is here – [Yardbarker]

When hot girls in bikinis suits me then yeah – [Killerfries]

The many cover pictures of Salma Hayek – [Cityrag]

Every single drink you’ve seen from Mad Men – [Gunaxin]

Ariadne Artilles is moving into my top 10 for women – [Heyman Hustle]

When Barbara Palvin wears lingerie I like it – [Funtastiscus]

Check out this smartphone Halloween costume idea – [Brosome]

Kate Upton as the sexy barn girl – [Pickmeupnews]

Eight things that grumpy cats look like – [Holytaco]

Twelve of the funniest public apologies – [Oddee]

Rare vintage photos of celebrities – [The Chive]

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Oct 26 2012

Fitness Girls Lead the P.M. Portfolio

Published by under PM Porfolio

Click on the photo for more fitness girls

I’ve mentioned it in the past but it’s certainly worth repeating.  There’s just something special about a female who could man handle me.  I mean I’m not talking about a woman who is a pro wrestler’s size.  I’m just talking about one who’s fit and attractive at the same time.  That is all.

The Portfolio

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Oct 26 2012

15 Miserable Attempts to Fix a Car

Published by under Pictures

We’ll be the first to admit that our car is a real piece of crap. It’s go a taillight that’s out, cracked leather seating, and our air-conditioning consists of rolling down all four windows to avoid the sauna our car becomes as the alternative. But for some reason, we refuse to invest any money in fixing the problems, or just getting ourselves a new car.

As you can tell from some of these pics, we’re not the only ones who try and get the most out of our car. People will duct tape and staple to make sure the thing keeps running. These are just really terrible attempts at doing so.

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Oct 26 2012

She’s Uncoachable: Alejandra Rios Spices Things Up

Published by under She's Uncoachable

We want to introduce you to this Spanish model Alejandra Rios today. Why? Because she’s got all the major assets that will drive any guy wild, and we can only imagine she fits the billing as your dream girl. We’re actually a little apologetic that it took this long for us to hear about her, and based off these pics, you’ll see why.

Alejandra leaves little to the imagination, flaunting her perfectly formed bod in some sexy lingerie that makes us think; If it looks this good through a computer screen, what’s the real deal look like? Sadly, we’ll probably just have to stick to the virtual version.

See more pics of Alejandra Rios after the jump…

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Oct 26 2012

Check Out My Boy in the Back Row

Published by under News

A little romance in the top row definitely stole the show of this presidential photo op. President Barack Obama surprised the students at Daughter of Zion Jr. Academy in Delray Beach, Fla., with an unscheduled stop after a campaign event at Delray Beach Tennis Center on Tuesday. The kids were standing outside their school to wave to the motorcade but got an even more personal response: The commander in chief stopped and took a photo with them. But perhaps the biggest surprise of all was the kissing pair photobombing the president.

Quite possibly one of the best photobombs of all-time – just think about the timing. You have to love my boy – this kid has a future

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Oct 26 2012

Things To Look Forward to This Weekend

Published by under Editorial

For whatever reason, we’re completely out of it today. Not sure if it has anything to do with the back-to-back all-nighters we’ve pulled to get work done or not, but there’s a pretty good chance it’s had an effect.

Due to that, we’re struggling to find anything even somewhat relevant to write about.

The World Series? Boring.

Election sh*t? Yawn.

So instead, we’re just going to give you some things that you should be excited to do this weekend. Why? Because it’s Halloween weekend, and there’s a ton of sports, parties, and booze to get over the week that’s been.

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Oct 26 2012

I Hear the Paris Motor Show was the Place To Be

Published by under Beautiful Ladies

If there was one word to describe this year’s Paris Motor Show it would be “class.”   It’s kind of like the difference between a raunchy strip club where the girls do extra “favors” and a true “gentlemen’s club” that serves steak and happens to have topless women there.

Some car shows feature the exotic but slutty outfits on girls who looks like strippers.  And some car shows feature elegant dresses, pearl necklaces and a level of sophistication I kind of like.   That’s what happened in Paris.   I thought it was a nice touch.  Especially since most of the girls were beautiful.

Check out the pics after the jump…..

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Oct 26 2012

Five Essential Athletic Skills Children Must Learn

Published by under Editorial

I think the majority of fathers out there who have sons secretly wish that someday their son becomes a professional athlete.  And I’ll bet they wish the same of their daughters.   It’s a natural pipe dream to have and as long as you don’t become a psycho trying to get your kid to be a pro it would be fun if that dream came true.

But speaking for myself, I just want my boy to excel at sports.  I don’t want him getting picked last.   And I’d like to know that he’ll always have an athletic outlet to turn to when he needs it.   And in order for that to happen there are five things I’ll make sure this kid learns before all is said and done.

Here are five essential athletic skills children must learn….

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