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Oct 31 2012

Our 2012-13 NBA Predictions

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The NBA season kicked off last night with a slew of games—including the defending champs receiving their rings. And while some still hate LeBron (us included), we’re sure it was great to finally get that monkey off his back, and slip on that diamond ring.

But how about this year? Will he be able to continue his dominant 2012 and lead his team to repeat? What about the first head coach to get canned? Who’s going to be the guy responsible for the demise of his team there?

These are just some of the difficult questions we ask ourselves, and promptly answered, to give you everything you should expect from this year’s season.

NBA Champs: Heat over Lakers

As we mentioned above, it absolutely kills us to ever go pro-Bron, but after seeing how he’s gotten back to being himself (insanely terrifying), along with the continuity and familiarity with his teammates, it’s just too tough not to pick them.

We actually struggled more with the opponent, wondering if it’ll be the Thunder (again), or new look Lake Show. We went with La La Land because of OKC’s loss of Harden—we think it’s a bigger deal than people think. Plus, just give us a damn Kobe versus LeBron Finals already!

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