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Oct 30 2012

What To Do With Your Hurrication

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Anyone know anything important going on in the world today? Oh, that’s right, Hurricane Sandy’s rolling into the East Coast, sweeping over anything that comes in its way, and creating some seriously cool looking pics.

With the storm coming into cities like Atlantic City and New York, life’s been pretty much shut down, and some lucky people are enjoying a couple additional days off from work.

Since we live here in the South, we’re more than just a little jealous, so it made us think about what we’d do in similar circumstances. Typically when we get a day off, it consists of either sleeping off a cold all day, or enjoying some beer during a national holiday, but with power going out, and the weather being sh*tty, some might be pondering what to do with the extra downtime. We’ve got you covered right here.

Catch Up On Sleep

If you’ve been like most 20 or 30-something’s in the past month or so, you’ve been hitting the weekend hard as hell, drinking early and often so not to waste the progressively shorter days, and watching loads of TV in order to avoid the rain and/or cold. If we just got two or three days off from work (minimum), it’d be great to do nothing but sit around in sweats and get caught up on some sleep on our couch.

Treat these days like you did snow days as a kid, by just enjoying it and doing whatever you want.

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