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Oct 29 2012

What Your Booze Says About You

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We all know the saying, “You are what you eat,” but can the same be said for what you’re drinking every night too? We think so, so we figured it’d be best to tell you that the mixed drink you’re sipping on isn’t exactly the manliest thing you could have chosen.

And because we all love to drink, we break it down with some preferred spirits. Rum, beer, vodka, tequila, we’ve got all your favorites. So next time you’re taking a shot or sipping back on something, be prepared for some of these awful decisions.


If your preffered drink is tequila, well, you’re an obvious champ. Tequila is for the true partier. The one who starts at 6am, and raises hell till the sun comes up the next morning. When in the company of such folk, be ready for extreme intoxication and a great hangover to piece together in the morning. Odds of speaking Spanish and/or drawing a mustache on are heavily increased, though extremely unsuccessful.

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