. Mentally and Physically Prepare for a Multi Family Trip |

Oct 29 2012

Ways to Mentally and Physically Prepare for a Multi Family Trip

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A couple of weeks ago I went on a trip that consisted of four families all within the same family.  Basically it was me, my and and my son, her sister and brother’s families, and her mother and uncle.   Oh and did I mention my son was 2 months old and there were also five other children on this trip?

As fun as that may sound it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.   The fact is, no matter how well you get along with other people, that many people and trying to be together and do many of the same activities can be an absolute nightmare.  So how in the hell can you pull this off?

My advice is do as much as you can before the trip.  It’s not going to solve all your problems, but it will help.   Check out my tips after the jump….

Meditation, exercise, therapy, whatever you have to do

This is just an overall strategy.   Don’t pig out on junk food the week before the trip.   Don’t engage in lazy activity.   Get your mind and body razor sharp before you leave.   Exercise as much as you can.  Meditate if you need to.  Go see a shrink if it’ll do you some good.   The bottom line is that you want focus and control so that you can handle all the upcoming stress (and fun).

Create rules before you go

This is crucial.  If you have an established set of rules before you leave and follow them you’re better off.  I think this applies more to parents but it’s helpful.  For example. if my wife wanted to do a certain activity I’d make sure that me and the boy were in the hotel room.   Or if I felt that the families were too stressful it was my right to leave the table and take my kid using him as an excuse.   The more structure you have the better.   And also it frees up stress for your spouse.

Get finance discussions out of the way beforehand

If you have this many people going on a trip it’s going to be a real pain in the ass when it comes to who is paying for what.   That really has to be discussed beforehand, not during the trip.   If you’ve got a dinner where four people are attending you don’t want to be haggling at the table for over an hour.   Set up some sort of structure as to who is paying for what as best as you can.

Write out a list for packing

I never used to be one of these guys.  When I was single it was pack a bag and I’m off in five minutes.   When you have a kid it really makes a lot of sense to write out a list of everything you need.   It’s 100 times easier.



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