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Oct 25 2012

Five Reasons Why Twitter is the Best News Source

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If you’re on twitter—which most everyone is these days—you’re probably like the majority of users who scrolls through random posts from a handful of websites, and an endless list of celebrities and (unfortunately) athletes to see what’s going on in the world. And since we tend to wake up, grab our iPhone and see what’s trending in that moment, we just had to write this post.

While we tend to lean on the news from our TV, internet or radio, we’re here to defend twitter as the absolute best resource to be in the know.

Need more proof? Just take a look and you’ll understand why we think so.

No Bias Facebook Updates

We know what you’re probably thinking here: All twitter actually is is Facebook status updates coming at you every second, so how can there possibly be unbiased opinions? The difference between reading your buddy’s outburst about the debate from the other night on the ‘Book and twitter is easy, you don’t need to put up with it.

You’re not going to defriend a guy you’ve known for 20 years, but you sure as sh*t won’t follow him on twitter. Hell, you don’t even know half your friends have the damn thing!

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