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Oct 25 2012

Why Sundays in Fall Can Be the Best Day of the Week

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I’m going to stop myself immediately and give you the biggest reason why Sundays are not the best day of the week.   They fall before a Monday.  So right there you’re kind of screwed.   Fridays are solid because it’s the start of the weekend but you’re usually toasted because of the work week.  Saturdays are great because it’s a day off and you have another day off the next day.  However, in the fall, it just seems that Sunday is the best day of the week.

And if you’re like to know why, here are five solid reasons…..

Night television is ridiculous

I’m pretty sure there’s no better night of television in the fall than on Sundays.   Well that’s if you have cable which I think it’s safe to say most of you do.   Whether it’s Dexter and Homeland on Showtime or Family Guy and The Simpsons on FOX, you’d be hard pressed to find a better night on TV than Sunday.   Plus for all you old people out there you’ve got the number one new show in America, 60 minutes.

Sports during the day and night

As if Football isn’t enough.  You’ve got playoff baseball, and you also have the beginning of the NBA season.   So on some Sundays there’s practically an overload of sports.  Not to mention golf for all you dudes just chillin’ on the couch.  Seriously you don’t have to move from the television to get your sports fix in on Sundays.

Alone time if you’re lucky

Sundays are a big day for shopping and if you’re lucky the Mrs. will be out most of the day.  That means you are much more “free” than you’d normally be.  Obviously this is for all of you people who are in relationships.  Those of you who are not then please disregard this sentence.

It’s usually a junk food day

Sports and crappy food just go together.  It’s that simple.   Sunday is fun day for most bars around the country and things like wings and pizza are the norm.   Then you’ve got your chips, dip, salsa, potato skins, and all the other crap that you’re gonna eat that day.

Early bird specials and special event stuff

Sunday night is a fantastic dinner night at all restaurants.  So if you didn’t get enough crap food during the day then you probably will get your fill at dinner.  Plus Sundays are great days for street fairs and a bunch of stuff like that.





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