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Oct 24 2012

Movies That Didn’t Live Up To the Billing

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Not sure any of you were as excited about seeing Taken 2 as we were, but guess what? It sucks. There’s no spoiler alert necessary—since you can pretty much guess exactly how the plot goes—so don’t get mad at us about telling you anything.

After pulling a double feature the other night—yes, we’re supposedly still in high school—we left the theatre more amused after watching the twisted, more bizarre flick, Seven Psychopaths.

Since we pretty much broke even on the movies we saw, it got us thinking about some other movies that were maybe just a little too overhyped, and didn’t quite live up to expectations. We feel for you if these happen to fall onto your best movies list.

Year One

We remember seeing the preview of this, and pretty much knowing it’d be a stinker, but our hopes were raised so high with the always comical Jack Black alongside the awkward, but entertaining Michael Cera. Needless to say, if you ever watched it, you probably wish you had forgotten about the year you wasted money on it.

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