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Oct 23 2012

No Matter How Hard you Try These Five Things Can Never Look Cool

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I think that my definition of “coolness” went out the window when I turned 30.  I’m pretty sure I no longer care about wearing high socks, athletic shorts that are too short, or simply not shaving for a prolonged period of time.  It’s not like I ever go out and look like a complete dork, but I’m certainly not a GQ model.

But for most people, style is very important.  After all, image is everything right?  But it isn’t just how you look either.   It’s how you present yourself.  Your mannerisms.  The ways in which you do things.   Hell even the way you eat can be conceived as cool in the right setting.

However, there are some things in this world that no matter how hard one tries, will never be cool…..

Wearing a fanny pack

I kind of wish fanny packs would be in style again.  You see, it’s not that they were ever in style because there’s just zero way a person could look anything but dorky in a fanny pack.  However, you have to admit that a fanny pack is extremely practical and convenient when used in the right situations.  It’s a shame.   I’d love to walk around in a fluorescent badass fanny pack.

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  • Calrissian

    False: Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction washing down his Kahuna burger with a tasty beverage that hits the spot. Do not forget the thousand yard stare.

  • Friendzoner

    And another one from the Tarantinoverse: Mr. Blonde’s straw sipping in Reservoir Dogs.

  • Izodonia

    There is one cool way to wear a fanny pack, but only if you have the body for it – over one shoulder and under the other, with the strap tightened across your chest and the pouch itself in the small of your back. You’ll look like John Carter of Mars, but if you go with it, that’s not a bad thing.



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