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Oct 22 2012

Three Major Benefits of Having a Child other than Actually Having a Child

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The first few weeks of having a child are insane.   It’s the whole “being in awe” and getting over the fact that you actually have a child.  It’s the getting used to not sleeping as much.  It’s getting a grip on the fact that your life really is forever changed.  It’s getting over the fact that you’ll be seeing in-laws way more often and tacking on more crap in your life than you ever imagined.

Those first few weeks are a true adjustment.   But once the dust settles and you get into a routine with your baby, not only do you enjoy your child just for the sake of him or her being your child but you also start to realize that there are benefits you can take advantage of.

Here are the three biggest….

Telling people what to do

Having a child is like turning on some switch in people where they’ll pretty much do whatever you tell them.  I honestly don’t know how this happens but it just does.  Kind of like when a woman is pregnant people automatically treat her like gold.  At least that’s how my wife was treated.   Anyway, you can get away with being a little frantic and even bossy when it comes to your child.  People just inherently understand that it’s your kid and whatever you say goes.  Of course there are some exceptions but for the most part, whatever you say goes.   “Don’t pick up my son that way.”  “Make sure you put him in that way.”  Etc Etc.

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