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Oct 18 2012

Five of The Worst Parts of Our Day

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Everyone has bad days. They get laid off from work (which sometimes can be a good thing), a girl breaks things off with them because they’re “too immature,” or in some extreme cases, well, everything just happens to hit the fan.

For us personally, there’s a couple things that really get our blood boiling. Surprisingly, most of it is just simple stuff, but God bless you if you happen to be around us when one of these things happen.

Every Radio Station’s on Commercials

When we’re driving our car, all we want to do is listen to music. You’ve been there, you’ve got six preset’s, and each one you press, has that God-awful Genesis Diamond commercial. It’s like all the Program Manager’s at each station just decided to grab a beer or something right now! People have told us to invest in something like Sirius radio to avoid this little problem, but we’re cheap, and don’t plan on doing that anytime soon.

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