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Oct 18 2012

So This Couple Decided to Have Sex on a Table at a Restaurant

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Florida couple Jeremie Calo and Tiffani Lynn Barganier, both 32, were apprehended on Monday by police after allegedly having sex on top of an outdoor table at an Orange County restaurant, the Smoking Gun reports. Restaurant manager Tom Murphy told officials that several customers complained about the couple, noting that they were in full view of minor children, the police report states.

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This isn’t one of those go back to your buddies and hi-five, “Bro, I can’t believe you did that you’re so cool.” This is one of those, “Dude, you’re f$cking moron.” This isn’t even one of those, “Damn that’s hot, I’m kind of turned on situations.” This is one of those, “Dude, you’re f$cking morons” This isn’t even one of those, “Baby, I can’t resist I need to have you now”. This is one of those,”Dude…… YOU’RE F$CKING MORONS”. I’d probably give it to this chick though.. at a motel, not a restaurant… Just saying..

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