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Oct 18 2012

Thursday’s Throwdown: More Oktoberfest Madness, Famous Company Origins, and Hole in One

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Click on the photo for more Oktoberfest madness

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 200 years since the crazy beer event in Germany has been going on.  When I’m a healthy 54 I may have to travel over there for number 200.   But for now all I can do is sit here and watch from afar.  Too bad because I really dig those beer chicks.

The Throwdown

The bizarre origins of six famous companies – [Cracked]

What female golfer do you most want to play with? – [Unathletic]

This is where I go for sexy celebrity chicks – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

We love when Playboy girls take it to Twitter – [The Smoking Jacket]

The world as seen by Albert Einstein – [Nedhardy]

Whenever I need a sports fix I can go here – [Yardbarker]

Kim Kardashian still looks good on the beach – [The Blemish]

Heidi Klum can still kill it on the runway – [Celebslam]

Sexy pictures of girls at work look nice – [Maxim]

Kat Graham looks amazing walking in boots – [Moejackson]

I don’t care that Imogen Thomas is pregnant – [Killerfries]

Andi Muse looks fantastic in lingerie – [Funtasticus]

I simply cannot get enough of Georgia Salpa – [Heyman Hustle]

When a dog takes on a lemon who wins? – [Cityrag]

These pictures are going to make you smile – [Don Chavez]

A simple but a very funny iPhone prank – [Izismile]

Some of the creepiest looking new species out there – [Oddee]

There’s a very heavy dose of irony here – [The Chive]

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