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Oct 17 2012

Four Reasons to Vote for a President if You’re Not Political

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What the American public usually fails to realize about politics is that half the time they are voting, the policies they vote for can hurt them more than help them.  In fact, that’s the job of a politician.  To make you believe in something that you think is good for you when it might not help you at all.   I mean sure, sometimes policies help but that’s not my point.  The point is that it’s all a big sales act.   And most of the time we’re being sold a bill of goods when we have no clue what’s actually going on.

And for the most part, Americans don’t really follow politics anyway.  So what’s the actual basis for voting if you don’t know the issues?  Do you just not vote?  I don’t think that’s the answer.   But if you do vote I do think there are some criteria outside of politics you should look for….


A guy you could have a beer with

Unless you’re a complete psychopath and the kind of guy you’d have a beer with is similar to your view on wanting to blow up buildings, someone you can have a beer with isn’t a horrible idea.   The point is this.  You want someone you can identify with on a personal level.   You want someone who understands you.  Who goes through the same struggles or at least understands them.  You want someone who is “cool.”  Who has witty banter, a sense of humor, and just might have the same values that you do.

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