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Oct 16 2012

Classic Characteristics of the High School Gym Goer

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It doesn’t matter what time I go to the gym these days because whenever I go I’m always going to spot a few high school kids.   Most high schools these days are kind of like college and kids have schedules that allow them to leave school so I’m always stuck seeing some punk 16 year olds while I’m working out.

And the funny thing is that I used to be those guys.   Granted I’m 100% jealous of their age,  I still get pretty annoyed at the majority of them.  Once in a while you’ll spot a solo kid who know is a nice guy and he’s just there to work out.  But for the most part these kids take over the gym and act like a bunch of hyenas.

So in case you don’t know already, here’s some classic characteristics of the high school gym goer….

At least 3-4 guys crowded around the bench press

Remember working out back when you were in high school?  How often did you go to the gym by yourself?  It was practically never, if at all.   You used to go and play hoops for a while and then go lift weights with your friends.  But it was more social than anything else   And what was the first thing you’d do?  You’d crowd around the bench press with at least 3-4 other guys watching.

Lifting far too much weight

I’ll never forget when I was 15 and I started working out.  I always wanted to get to the point where I was lifting at least one “plate” on a side.   45′s on a side baby!  A whopping 135 lbs!  By senior year it was 2 plates we were all hoping for.  The point is this.  At no point was I using proper form.  I just cared how much weight I could to in order to impress my friends.  You’ll see this a lot with the high school crowd.

Using improper form and it not mattering

The biggest goal of almost any high school kid going to the gym is to lift the most weight.   The other side to this equation is not caring how it’s done.   So on a bench press for example you’ll see kids putting on far too much weight and using improper form to lift it.  They might not left the bar down for enough or they might let it down too far and pop it off the chest.   They’ll have a spotter and sometimes two because they can’t even lift the weight in the first place.   Now for a guy like me this leads to injury.  But on a younger body it doesn’t matter so they just keep doing it wrong day after day.

Ridiculous Gear

The clothing usually says it all.   Just ridiculous outfits.  Bright colors.  High socks (or no socks).  Headbands.   You name it.  It’s annoying and you can always spot a young punk.




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