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Oct 12 2012

Friday’s Funbag: Hottest GOP Daughters, Random Success Factors, and Sandlot Yankees

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Click on the photo for the hottest GOP daughters

The election is upon us and about the only redeeming thing about the GOP I can see at this point is the potential for more hot daughters to be in the political realm.  But honestly that’s about it.  However for the purposes of this site it’s certainly not a bad thing.

The Funbag

Five random factors that determine success in your life – [Cracked]

This year’s Yankees team really resembles The Sandlot – [Unathletic]

It’s where I go to see celebrity hotties – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Stuff that kids should not be playing with – [Izismile]

This is the only jacket you need for this fall – [Killerfries]

Bar Refaeli isn’t shy on her Twitter page – [Heyman Hustle]

Kim Kardashian’s backside causes serious issue – [Cityrag]

When I need a quick sports fix I go here – [Yardbarker]

Nataliya Tkalina is an atomic bomb of a hot chick – [Brosome]

This is what you truly call love – [Nedhardy]

One of the best Slovakian gypsy fights you’ll ever see – [TC Mag]

Top ten places where women outnumber men – [Don Chavez]

Learning ten new sex positions for a better you – [Holytaco]

Twelve amazing real people who look like cartoons – [Oddee]

Life is always better when a redhead is hot – [The Chive]

Now that Shakira is pregnant she has an added bonus – [Celebslam]

A picture dump full of sexy girls – [Barnorama]

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