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Oct 10 2012

Incredible Weight Loss Transformation Hottie Pics

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I’m always a huge fan of big time weight transformation stories.  Personally I don’t think people should get that big in the first place but you have to be impressed with the will power that people have in order to take off those unwanted pounds.  And with both men and women, sometimes an amazing looking person comes out of all of it.

But for this site we’ll be focusing on women only.  Check out the hotness that resulted from these weight loss stories after the jump….

Thanks to Thinspiration for the photos

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One response so far

  • Abby

    What I find strange about all these photos is this :

    #1 Some of these woman are very obese and after losing all that weight..where is all the loose flabby skin that obviously should be there ? Photo shop…surgery etc.. ?
    #2 The first photo the woman is pretty darn fat…after losing weight any woman knows that the first to go is your breast tissue which is fat ! Her breasts look huge after the weight loss and small before ? I know lifting weights you can build up muscle under the breasts….but this doesn’t make the actual breast larger of change their shape !

    #3 When you are that fat and obese and then lose weight…you obviously have stretch marks…these women have perfect flawless skin…no stretch marks what so ever ….makes no sense to me ?? Air brushed maybe ? maybe some photo shop going on here ?

    I think losing the weight is fantastic but real woman have the things I mentioned above after losing so much fat and being so obese ! That is a fact ! These photos must be touched up !



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