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Oct 09 2012

Just the Tip Tuesday: Reby Sky Starts It, Real Nature Images, and QB Phenomenons

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I’ll never forget the first time I saw Reby Sky.  It was when she had on a provocative New York Giants jersey on.  It was ever since that time I realized I had a purpose in life.  It was to make enough money to buy a girl like that.   Hehe.  Just kidding.  But yeah, she’s really hot.

The Tips

Images of nature you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped – [Cracked]

Did you know Tebowing isn’t the only QB phenomenon – [Unathletic]

This is where I go for sexy celebrity ladies – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Check out this amazing miracle plane landing – [TC Mag]

Whenever I need a good sports fix I’ll head over here – [Yardbarker]

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who these days – [Izismile]

Natasha Oakley wears a bikini very well – [COED Magazine]

This is the ultimate nostalgia trip – [Brobible]

These are the best man cities in America – [Maxim]

You’ll know who these cradle robbers in sports are – [Bleacher Report]

What to expect from World of Warcraft now – [Holytaco]

One of the most loyal dogs in the entire world – [Nedhardy]

This is one of the better watch collections I’ve seen – [Brosome]

God if I could only go back in time for these girls – [Funtasticus]

It’s not fair how hot Candice Swanpoel is – [Heyman Hustle]

The most breath taking vaulted ceilings – [Oddee]

Hello Halle Berry in a bikini! – [Celebslam]

It’s where I go to read a good list article – [Listgazette]

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