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Oct 08 2012

5 Food and Beverage Prices that Blow Me Away

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Like most things that are overpriced or under priced,  it’s a perception that dictates what something costs.  Sure there’s the component of supply and demand but there’s a reason that one piece of artwork costs 35 million dollars and another one costs 35 cents.  It’s the perception and desire that people get out of these things.

However, I can’t help but to be baffled at the food and beverage industry.  I simply cannot understand how some things can be priced at x amount and others at y amount.  In fact I’ll probably never understand them but what do you know?  That’s not really the point.

The point is, here are five food and beverage costs I’ll never understand…..

That Specialty Truffles are Over $1000

Do you know how big the truffle industry is getting?  To give you some perspective there are some truffles in the world that are worth more than gold.  Yes, more than gold.  And now truffle dealing is like the new drug dealing.  There are people out there making a fortune dealing specialty truffles to restaurant owners around the world.    I’m simply blown away that something formed from crap, yes crap can yield that much money.   The most money ever paid for a truffle was 167K for a 3.3 lb truffle.  Yes, you’re reading that right.

That some six packs of beer are still under $4

I used to live in Manhattan so I was always used to paying more than 8 bucks for a bottle of beer.  And yeah, I get that you’re out, it’s a huge mark up but that’s just the way it is in big metro areas.   But putting it all into perspective is where it hurts.   There are 1000s of colleges around the country where kids are still paying around 3 bucks for a six pack of Stroh’s or Schlitz.  Sure the beer sucks but it serves it’s purpose, does it not?  I guess I’m more surprised at the 8 bucks a drink than the 3 bucks a six pack right?

That anyone would pay over a grand for a bottle of wine or liquor

Here’s the whole perception thing.  As Gordon Gekko once said, “the more real it becomes, the more they want it.”  Nothing rings more true for the wine and liquor industry.  How some wines can be over a grand for a bottle is beyond me.  How some GLASSES can be over a grand is beyond me.   They all serve the same purpose!  I’ll never understand this stuff.  Ever.   Why the hell can some cigars be like $500?  Arghhh.

That Ramen is a quarter

To this day, an entire package of Ramen is 25 cents.   That’s about 1/4 the cost of a crappy pack of gum or a candy bar you can get on line at the supermarket.   It’s cheaper than water.  It’s cheaper than just about anything on the planet.  Sure it’s just noodles but one package of that stuff can definitely fill you up.  Yeah it’s fatty and non nutritious but I’m sure it’s better for you than say ice cream.   A quarter!


Water is water right?  Wrong.  The entire perception of water is absurd.   Why the hell would you ever pay obscene prices for water?  Getting water in a machine is minimum 1.50 these days.  A friggin bottle of water!  If you’re paying any more than 25 cents for a bottle then you suck.  I know I’ve done it therefore I suck.

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