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Oct 05 2012

Why Miguel Cabrera Should Be AL MVP

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If you’re a baseball fan – hell, any type of sports fan whatsoever – this whole Miguel Cabrera winning the first triple crown since 1967 is gigantic news. It’s like the time you found out that the you know what coming from your you know what didn’t make you different, and that it was actually a good feeling (semen reference).

But for some reason there’s a debate whether or not Miggy should win some hardware, or if someone else – namely the Angels’ rookie Mike Trout – should take home the honor.

Well we’re here to give every reason in the book (okay, well not every one), on why the Tigers’ first basemen’s name should be called. We get that baseball’s not all about homers, runs batted in, and batting average, but it’s pretty significant. So for all you sabermetric nerds out there, go ahead and type into your calculators why Trout should win. He’s every bit deserving, but when you hear the word triple crown, to us, that screams MVP.

He Won The Triple Crown

Oh, have we not mentioned this yet? Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. And as we said before, just because you happen to be blessed to hit for average, power, and have teammates to get on base to drive in, you’re not always the league’s best player. But look at Miggy’s body of work over his career, and tell us he’s not an MVP.

He Was on a Playoff Team

In any other sport, this is one of the biggest contributing factors in individual awards. Trout’s a hell of a player. As an Indians fan, he’s exactly what our main man Grady Sizemore could have been – save the injuries. We know the votes go in before the playoffs, but if Miggy blows up even more in the postseason, and leads his team to a World Series, how can’t you say he’s the best player in baseball. Yes, Trout would have to watch all this from his couch.

Trout’s Not Even the Best Player on His Own Team

Anyone remember that Albert Pujols guy? Yeah, dude’s pretty good, and even though Trout sat at the top of the order, and Pujols typically batted clean-up, if you asked any pitcher or manager who they feared most in the Angels lineup, the guy who you absolutely couldn’t let beat you, they’d say Big Al. Trout’s a hell of a player, but he was also the beneficiary of Pujols batting behind him – even if it was a couple spots.

Cabrera Stuck With It

There’s a ton of stories about athletes who wasted the talent they had. People can say they got put in bad situations through drafts, but in the end, those who want to succeed, will. For Cabrera, he’s had his run-in with the law – even as recently as spring training, 2011. We don’t think anyone should get sympathy points for off-the-field achievements, but much like Josh Hamilton a couple years ago when he won the MVP, fans and media have a heart when it comes to that type of stuff.

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