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Oct 05 2012

Why Aren’t Newly Released Movies Streamed to our Televisions?

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So here’s the thing.  You can see brand new movies on airplanes.   You can see brand new movies in hotel rooms.  But you can’t see a brand new movie in your home yet?   The only reason and I mean the only reason I can think of that newly released movies aren’t in our homes yet is because movie theaters make way more on concessions than they do on tickets themselves.

And clearly the movie studios are getting a cut of that by distributing their movies to the theaters.  However, I’m very curious if they’d make up for that loss with the addition of “home streaming” availability.   I mean right now DVDs seem to come out within a month after a film is released.  Movies seem to come to cable a month after that.

Why not just skip that whole process?  Here are some reasons why I think it would work….

License Deals with Major Movie Theaters, Studios, Cable Companies

I’m sure there are more parties involved here but I would imagine the existing infrastructure wouldn’t have to change that much.   Movie theater companies would basically have to change their business.   Liquidate the theater system gradually as they see sales rising in people’s homes.   In my opinion they could charge more to watch a new film in the home based on convenience and sell the fact that you don’t have to buy popcorn and soda.   Movie studios could make more money because ticket prices are higher and once the public buys into this profits should follow.   Then you’ve got cable companies licensing deals with movie studios and/or companies like Netflix, Apple.   As far as I see it, it’s win win.

More convenient for us and more viewers

The only incentive I see to go to a movie on the big screen is the size of the screen, sound of the movie, and the popcorn.  But frankly it’s really expensive.   We’re talking 12-15 bucks for a ticket, 5 bucks for a soda at best, and 7 bucks for popcorn.  I’d gladly pay 15 bucks to watch a new movie at home.   I could be wrong here but I think the rest of public would buy into this as well.   And I can always make my own popcorn.

Televisions are getting bigger, more incentive to buy

If all of us knew that we could watch newly released movies at home we might consider buying a bigger TV.  Just saying….

Potentially less pirating

I think there’s the potential for this.  I didn’t say it would happen.   But there’d be more incentive to crack down on pirating knowing that competition would ensue.  Then again, I don’t want SOPA coming up for legislation again.   Tough call on this one.

All in all I think it’d be a win win for everyone but the following questions would remain:  Does the public by in?  And do more people buy in to offset the losses in concessions?  I think it’s a risk worth taking.

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  • Larry

    Will not happen. They dont want you inviting 10 buddies over and paying a 1x fee. They also want recurring revenue on their blockbusters which would not happen because it will be so much easier to pirate a movie in an unregulated home.



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