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Oct 04 2012

Six Amazingly Funny Physical Comedy Television Actors

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Personally I’m not a huge fan of slapstick comedy.   I don’t like clowns.  I’m not really a guy who enjoys the “in your face, just funny to look at” kind of stuff.   I just think that sometimes it’s too “cheap” a laugh or something.  I always appreciate creative dialogue and witty remarks.

However that doesn’t mean that once in a while I won’t laugh my ass off at someone taking a fall or making an awkward face.   Just the other day I was watching reruns of some stuff on TBS and I never realized how funny certain people can be just by using their bodies and faces.

Speaking of which, here are five actors that I think did physical comedy best on television….

Michael Richards on Seinfeld

Richards has always been an amazing physical comedian.  Ever since he was on the show Fridays he was stumbling and bumbling his way to laughs.   But I think it wasn’t really until the third season of Seinfeld where people really began to appreciate how funny a physical comedian Richards was.   It’s just too bad he’s a racist and his career basically stopped after his ridiculous stand up comedy tirade.

Kevin James on King of Queens

I’ve always thought of Chris Farley as being one of if not the best physical comedians in the history of television.  If I had to pick a modern day candidate who comes even remotely close it would be Kevin James on King of Queens.   James is incredibly athletic so when you put that on a heavy frame it makes for amazing ability to entertain.  Just as with Chris Farley who was able to do cartwheels and crazy dance moves,  James has the same flexibility and mobility.   Definitely underrated in my opinion.

Jim Carrey on In Living Color

Perhaps no one was better in sketch show comedy than Jim Carrey was back in his day on In Living Color.  In particular his renditions of Fire Marshall Bill and that Juicer guy were incredible.  Nearly everything he did on that show was physical and he was by far the funniest guy on the show.

Don Knots on Three’s Company

Knots was always a funny guy even back in the Andy Griffith days but it wasn’t until Mr. Furley came around that I got to appreciate him.   Knots is more of a slapstick making funny faces kind of a guy but for some reason when he does it, it’s funny.  I think it’s just because he has a funny face.

Ed O’Neill on Married with Children

You’d think it was just his funny lines and his snottiness that made Al Bundy such a funny guy.   But I argue that O’Neill had a great physical side that made his character even better.   All of those stupid “shoot me in the faces” and even putting his hand down his pants made him the amazing character that he was.

Chris Farley on SNL

The dance he did with Patrick Swayze is hands down one of the best comedy sketches in the history of television.   Every single time Farley moved you nearly laughed.  And when he put his athleticism and body on the line, you knew the crowd was going to appreciate it.


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  • Craig

    Seriously? You include Kevin James but not John Ritter? His work on Three’s Company was HILARIOUS! James is a funny guy but he doesn’t hold a candle to John Ritter.



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