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Oct 03 2012

Five Things You Amazingly Don’t Question Doing with a Newborn

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I’ve been an Uncle since the age of 21 and I’ve seen my fair share of babies during those 12 years.   In fact I have seven nieces and nephews, all of which I’ve seen since they were 1 day old.   The funny thing is that while I love each and every one of them, because I’m not their actual parent it’s simply not the same bond or effort level that I have with my own son.

What I mean is there are certain things that you do with your own child without question, whereas with other people’s children you’d think twice.   With your own child you don’t hesitate.  You react instantaneously and you’d never question your reactions.  And yet with other people’s children you’d never act.

Let me give you five examples of things you’d never question with your own newborn child….

I don’t care about getting poop on my hands

Before my child arrived I had never once changed a diaper.  I simply refused to do it.   It just seemed a little gross to me.   And to this day as well as moving forward I don’t think I’ll be changing the diapers of any children other than my own.  However, when it comes to my own kid?  I’d wipe his ass with my own hands if I had to if I knew it’d make him more comfortable.  It’s just this automatic switch that goes on where no matter how gross something is, you just do it without hesitation.  In fact, I love when my kid takes a dump.  It’s actually a relief knowing that he’s functioning well.

I’ll wipe his snot off without hesitation

Snot, mucas, poo, whatever.  It doesn’t matter.   As I said in the poop section there’s an inherent “not caring” when it comes to your own child where their needs rise way above your own.  And no matter how gross the situation you’ll wind up digging into the mud (sometimes literally) to fix it.

Talking like an idiot

Oddly enough I found myself talking like an adult when talking to little children until I had my own child.  I know that’s kind of out of the ordinary but I guess I just didn’t care.  Then again I think little kids like being talked to like they’re more mature than they are.  Anyway, that all went down the drain with my son.   I give him the goo goo’s and ga ga’s and all that crap now.   I sound like an idiot but it’s great.

Feeding at any time of day

When baby is hungry you feed the baby.  It’s that simple.   At no other time in a person’s life does that matter.  But a child?  You never, ever question feeding a hungry baby.   Imagine it’s 3am and your wife starts crying for food.  Do you feed her?  Hell no.  You tell her to get the food herself.

Doing anything and everything to get him/her to sleep

From taking car rides at 2am to jumping up and down like a clown, you’ll do anything to get your child to sleep and you’ll never even realize how ridiculous it is.   Nothing’s more satisfying than when your child finally closes those eyes.  Even after you had to do a strip tease.


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