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Oct 02 2012

Five Ways Friday Nights Are Completely Different After Becoming a New Father

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I should probably write an article about being a new father for the first 2 weeks of your baby’s new life.   However, the issue with that is that it’s so all encompassing and so different for each family that it would be difficult.  The point is this.  In the first couple of weeks your child is so erratic and you have so many visitors that you really don’t have time to think about anything much less a routine.

However, now that I’m a couple of months in and have established somewhat of a routine I can pinpoint what some of the biggest life changes have been.  In particular I want to focus on Friday’s.   The reason being is that Friday’s are the end of the workweek whereas Saturday is a completely different mentality all togther.

Anyway, here are five ways Friday nights are now completely different after becoming a new dad….

Goal is to be in bed the earliest I can

I honestly cannot remember the last time I looked forward to going out on a Friday night.  Saturday is different but even so I’d way rather do cool stuff during the day.   Now?  Now my goal for every Friday is to be in bed by 8pm.  I’m not saying to be asleep then.  I’m just saying to be at the winding down stage.   It’s a great feeling when I can accomplish this.

I don’t have to worry about “doing” anything

“Doing” something in a life without children constitutes getting out of your home.  It means doing things like events, dinner, parties, whatever.  But when you have a kid?  You’re already doing something.  It’s nice to not feel crappy about not doing anything because when you have a kid you’re always doing something.

A great night is one where my child goes to sleep on time or early

I’m still at the 9pm, he wakes up a few times stage.  But I am looking forward to that magical day when my kid can sleep for 12 hours straight.   Now if he’s in bed by 9am and wakes up at 3am it’s considered a huge success.

A whole movie is a victory

Since the birth of my child I’ve gone through a whole movie from start to finish once.  Once.    Any program that’s uninterrupted is a total victory.

Not waking up before 6am is a gift

I don’t mind waking up early.  In fact anything past 8am is actually kind of unproductive since weekends are now busier than ever.   However if I can get that extra hour in I’m always blessed.


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