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Oct 01 2012

5 Signs You Need a Vacation

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The summer might have just ended, but we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to thinking about jumping on a flight and heading somewhere somewhat exotic to relax. And even though the season’s are changing faster than a model backstage on a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, doesn’t mean you should fall into a depression and sit around the next six months.

Since we have serious issues with kicking back and lounging around our hometown, we’re giving you some reasons you should plan your next trip before these things start to happen. It’s inevitable that you’ll be driving yourself crazy with nothing to do, so stop accepting it, and start planning!

You’ve Worn the Same Clothes Three Days Straight

When the weather’s crappy as all hell, and you haven’t seen a single soul for the past couple days, it’s not uncommon to get away with slipping on the same sweatshirt and sweatpants consecutive days. You might not be offending anyone but your couch cushions, but if you find yourself getting in the habit of doing this over and over, it’s time to start searching Kayak.com.

You Can See your Breath

We love the cold weather – until it actually comes. Let everyone else talk about how much they want the snow to come, or that they’d rather bundle up than wear shorts, our preference is to get somewhere warm ASAP, where the girls are as tan as a cinnamon roll, and a bathing suit is your only option.

Your Boss Has You Staying Late

With cooler days comes shorter days. So instead of the sun staying out till 8p like you’ve been used to the past four months, you work all day, only to have your boss lose track of time and ask you to speak in a meeting that doesn’t even start until 6p. To help keep your sanity and avoid mass destruction in the office, politely tell him you’ve got better things to do, and drop some extra cash on a first class ticket out of there!

You’re in the Same Routine

Alarm sounds. You Snooze. You do the work thing. You (sometimes) workout. You eat dinner. Watch some TV. Go to bed. This sounds like the most miserably boring day ever. Guess what? Don’t let it become your life. A week or so of this, and it’s time to take a day (or five) off, and head somewhere that you can chill and change it up a little bit.

You Spend More Than Three Minutes in the Suntan Lotion Aisle

No one can resist the smell of oily, tropical coconut lotion, so when you’re wearing that puffy jacket shopping for hot chocolate and hand warmers, instead of dreaming about a far away place you wish you could be, buy the biggest bottle they have, go home to pack your suitcase, and split town. It’s about the only way to satisfy your senses without just being a weirdo and sniffing the damn bottle.

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