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Sep 28 2012

Five Things I Just Can’t and Shouldn’t Do in the Gym Anymore

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I’m not sure what point you reach in a gym career where you say “I just can’t do this anymore” but I’m pretty sure I’ve reached a few of them.   I still work out often.  In fact I probably work out harder and more often than I ever have in my life.   And at 33 I guess that’s something to be proud of.

But on the flip side, going to the gym itself is an entirely different experience.   I do different exercises than I used to and I’m 100 times more careful than I ever used to be.  Plus I think the last time I actually went with a person was at least 10 years ago.  Not to mention I’m just trying to look good and be healthy now.   There’s no point in harming myself.

Speaking of which, here are five things I just can’t and shouldn’t do in the gym anymore….

Double Dip on Sports and Weights

Right now it’s gotta be one or the other.  In high school I could lift weights and then play 2 hours of basketball afterwards.  Today?  If I’m working out for 45 minutes that’s enough for me.   I just can’t double dip like I used to.  Plus I’d probably hurt myself.   Hell, whiffleball hurts me.

Not Stretching

If I don’t stretch I’m automatically getting injured.  It’s just that simple.

Do anything less than 8 reps

Again, the injury thing.  I see all these kids doing so much weight where they can only lift something around 2 times and then they need a spot.   Once you hit around 30 it’s just stupid to do that.  In fact it’s dumb to do that all the time.  Two major shoulder injuries for me in the last 2 years is enough of a warning.  No more lifting too heavy.

Any kind of “jerk” exercise

Clean and Jerk.   Any kind of lifting where I’m taking the whole bar and going over my head?  Nope.  I mean what’s that really going to do for a guy like me?  Unless I play a sport that uses it or I’m a body builder do I really need to be doing clean and jerk type of stuff?  No.   I don’t need to impress anyone.  I just need to be healthy.

Wear the latest cool gear

It’s not that I want to look like a slob.   And it’s not like I come to the gym wearing all the coolest Under Armour tight gear or anything like that.  The point is this.   I’m getting older and trying to look like these high school kids that I’m around the whole time is pointless.   I gotta be me.  I gotta wear what’s me.  And that’s usually just a T-Shirt, shorts, and sneakers with more than likely high socks.  It’s just who I am now.  I can’t stand the older dudes who try to wear the young gear.  It just looks dumb.



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