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Sep 27 2012

Five Movie Franchises That Would Make Great Cartoon Shows

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About a month ago I came across an article that really disturbed me.   It mentioned the possibility of a show called “Beverly Hills Cops” that centered around the son of Axel Foley and how he would be going after super rich criminals out on the West Coast.   I mean to even dream of turning that movie into a show is a complete crime.  And to see that Eddie Murphy is behind the creation of this show made it even worse.

I feel like movies turned into TV shows usually wind up sucking so why even bother?  Cartoons on the other hand?  I think that certain types of movies can have a much easier transition into a cartoon.  Usually anything comic related will work (though usually there was already a cartoon).

And then when you talk “fantasy” that could work easily too.  Here are five movie franchises that I think would make great cartoons….

Harry Potter

I wonder if J.K. Rowling would even approve of a Harry Potter cartoon series.   I can only imagine how many offers she’s had.  Wouldn’t it be so simple though?  I mean a bunch of dark wizardry?  Hogwarts school of magic?  The stage would be perfectly set for a cartoon.  Hell every character in that movie would be a great cartoon character.  Plus it’d be very easy to create episodes.  Each show would just be Harry trying to solve some mystery.   It could be done without issue and would be very successful.

Lord of the Rings

This was actually a cartoon movie back in 1978 and not to mention has already had illustrated versions of books so the foundation is pretty much set.  And now that the movie franchise was so successful I don’t see why there couldn’t be a cartoon series.

The Matrix

The only issue I’d have with The Matrix is the subject matter.  It’s a little too adult and graphic for kids.  However we do live in a technological age where I think kids would understand the whole computer thing.  The concept of the Matrix might be hard but each episode centerting on Neo and his crew fighting agents and different “bosses?”  Seems like a winning concept to me.

Indiana Jones

To be honest I have no idea why this was never turned into a cartoon.   They’ve made comic books and there’s even a homemade cartoon series.   Indiana on a different adventure each episode?  So easy!

Back to the Future

I couldn’t think of a better way to resurrect Marty McFly than to give him his own cartoon series.  Plus how awesome a cartoon character would Doc be?  You just have them go on different adventures in different time periods each episode.  Kind of like Quantum Leap.




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