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Sep 26 2012

My Picks for The Five Best Reality Shows from the 90s

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Reality television isn’t nearly the same as it used to be when it first started getting attention.   When was this you might ask?  Personally I think the first real reality show was COPS.   But after that as far as reality shows like we know today go, The Real World was the first, and that aired back in 1991.   Congratulations to MTV for starting a television revolution that will never, ever be reversed.

How can it?  Reality shows are cheap as hell to make, cost less to pay the “actors” and they make the same amount of money.   Reality TV isn’t “real” anymore.  But back in the 90s it was pretty damned close.

Here are what I consider to be the top five reality shows of the 90s….

The Real World 2

Of all the Real Worlds, and I mean all of them, I still don’t think anything compares to the second season.  You’ve got Aaron and Dom.   Beth and Tami was it?  And of course David who wound up getting kicked out.  But who could forget country singer John Brennan?  It was a hell of a mix of folks living out in Los Angeles.   This was about as real as The Real World has ever gotten and I really don’t think any season has even come close.

The Dogg Brothers from Sex in the 90s

Does anyone remember that documentary program called Sex in the 90s?  I think it was on VH1 or MTV or whatever.   The Dogg brothers were a segment that aired which focused on this dorky virgin Robert.  The Dogg brothers were the first Jersey Shore guys and were 100% ahead of their time.  These guys put on an absolute clinic.  Forget my words.  Just watch the video above.  It’s insane.   I’d pay to have these guys back on the air.  The sin bin!

Road Rules Season 1 with Kit

Remember Kit Hoover?  She now does broadcasting on network TV and a pretty good job of it.  She even hosted that Shaq vs everyone show.   Anyway, Road Rules which started in 1995 was basically a traveling version of The Real World and it did just as good a job.   And since the Real World was running for over 4 years they didn’t need to be broken in.


I still think this is the first reality show of all time and it still kicks ass.


Fasten your seatbelts.   Survivor first aired in the year 2000.   However the concept for the show began in 1992 with shows internationally in the late 90s.  But who remembers Richard Hatch?  That dude is a criminal now!


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