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Sep 25 2012

Five Things Guys Think When They Find Out She’s Pregnant

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It’s one thing to plan a family and to realize that you’re going to have a child.   You get all excited because you’ve seen your nieces,  nephews, and friends kids so you know you want to have a cute little kid of your own.   You think of all the good times ahead (even bad times too) and understand that you’re ready for it all.

But nothing can really prepare you for the reactions you’re going to have when you actually find out that it’s become real.   That the thoughts you’ve been having are actually going to come to fruiting.  And that in nine months your entire life is going to change.

Here are five things guys think when they find out she’s pregnant….

Will I have the money for this?

Women usually focus on the mental ramifications of being a parent.  Men usually think about the financial ramifications.   And both share thoughts about most everything else.   But once you know that it’s real you think to yourself “what about the insurance, diapers, accidents, food, college, summer camp,” and about a million others.  It’s just our nature.   Most men are the providers in the family so naturally they’re nutty about the future financial health associated with the new little one.

It Better be a Boy

Let’s face it.  Every man wants to continue the family name.  I don’t care what religion or background you have.  If you’re a guy, you want a guy.  It’s just the way it is.   There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a little girl, it’s just that there’s way more of a relief if you can get the boy first.

My life is 100% over

Once you find out it’s all real you realize that every single thing you’ve ever done up until that point in your life is completely gone.   Essentially a new life begins and the previous one is completely erased from existence.  It’s an overwhelming thought and not much you can do about it.

I’m completely not ready for this

Just like being thrown in the water and someone telling you to swim (even though you don’t know how), becoming a parent is like being thrown into parenting without knowing how to be a parent.   You just have to go for it.  Head on.  You can read 100 books but it’ll never prepare you.   The realness of pregnancy starts that scary thought process.

Man I really didn’t sleep with enough chicks

I could have used any sentence here but the bottom line is that you reflect a lot on your life as soon as you know a new life is about to start.   So naturally, like with getting married, you examine all the parties you went to, girls you slept with, crap you didn’t do in your life.   Self reflection becomes a daily thing now.

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