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Sep 24 2012

The Most Overplayed Songs at Sporting Events

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Who doesn’t love music? For most of us, if it weren’t for our Pandora station, we’d really struggle getting through each day. It gives us motivation while working out. Can be perfect for setting the mood with your lady. And you know you can’t help yourself when you hear something that really makes you get down.

For as much as we all love music, it can get to be a little much at a sporting event. To put it bluntly, we can’t stand the stuff they play at games. It’s either something that’s so outdated, or a song that’s just annoying. Call us old school, but between pregame stuff, midgame, and postgame entertainment, we’re not sure if we paid to see the theatrics, or if we’re actually going to see a sporting event?

But since music isn’t going away anytime soon, all we can do is b*tch about it. So you know what? That’s exactly what we’re going to do. These are the songs we just can’t stand listening to anymore. Thanks stadium DJ’s!


Okay, so this might just be a chant and not an actual song, but it’s one of the most annoying things a stadium can play. It always comes during a weird time, like when a batter just fouled off a ball, or a point guard’s at midcourt. Unsurprisingly, we heard it on a game last week and turned to our girlfriend to ask if they really still played it? That’s how lame its gotten. We guarantee you no million dollar athlete gets any motivation from it whatsoever, so why not just do away with it?


It’s like f*cking clockwork when you go to any baseball game. You down some brews, eat some nachos or dogs, heckle the other team’s right fielder, and by the seventh inning at the sign of any trouble, the pitching coach walks slowly to the mound. You can bet your ass if it’s the first trip to the mound for the game, the Beatles are playing. Dude just got shelled for six earned this inning, we’re pretty sure we know the team needs some help.


One of the most annoying songs anywhere, but it somehow crept its way into stadiums everywhere, and has been spreading like a damn epidemic ever since. Most common at college games, those drunk coeds really get pumped up by jumping around in the same color shirts, hoping not to vomit up the last of their vodka shots from the tailgate. Can’t the bleeding in our ears stop already?

We Will Rock You & We Are the Champions

Classic? Yes. Out of date? You bet. Much like the “Charge” cheer, no athlete will find motivation to rock his opponent by listening to “We Will Rock you.” As for “We Are the Champions”? Dude just worked his ass off all year long to win his first championship, we’re pretty sure you’re actually ruining the experience by playing it afterwards.


Congratulations, your team just won a home game. Isn’t it the greatest moment in your life? We didn’t think so. The worst is when you see the old guys raising the roof and dancing in the aisles like they had something to do with the victory. Okay, maybe for him it really is the greatest moment of his life…?

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