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Sep 21 2012

Movie Roles We Wish We Snagged

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We know it’s hard work, but please name another profession you’d want besides being an actor? Okay, we’ll give you a pro golfer, but save that, there’s not many. Think about it. You travel the world, have fame and fortune, and if you’re really lucky, you get to be a regular looking guy doing a sex scene with an insanely hot chick!

With Liam Neeson reprising his role as the badass former CIA agent Bryan Mills in Taken 2 in a couple weeks, it got us thinking about some of the best movies roles out there. The ones that every guy wished they could be remembered for, while trying to emulate that character’s actions.

We can only hope to someday be considered as cool as these cast members, but chances are very, very slim.

Patrick Swayze: Point Break – “Bodhi”

Damnit Bodhi’s cool as hell. We don’t want to spoil anything for you if you haven’t seen the movie… so we’ll kind’ve leave it at that. All we’ll say is he hits the biggest breakers, scores some of the hottest chicks, and plays the hell out of Johnny Utah. If someone came to me and said, “What would you think about becoming a pro surfer?” I’d immediately think of Bodhi.

Mark Wahlberg: Boogie Nights – “Dirk Diggler”

Every guy has thought about going into the porn business in real life at some point, so wouldn’t it be legit to get a taste of it from a feature film role? Diggler’s “the mighty engine that could,” as he scores the fame every porno king would want. For our money, there isn’t a better duo than Wahlberg (and John O’Reilly) as Brock Landers and Chest Rockwell. Classic move.

Johnny Depp: Blow - “George Jung”

Our favorite quote from this movie? “If you were using coke in the late 70′s and early 80′s, there was an 85% chance that it came from us.” I mean really? It doesn’t get more badass then a character that’s successful, cool under pressure, and lands a hot girl. Well, Depp does it all in his portrayal of Jung – even making it out alive from Colombian coke lords. That’s some impressive stuff.

George Clooney: Out of Sight – “Jack Foley”

It’s true that we could’ve just picked almost any Clooney role – minus Batman, but in Out of Sight, he’s just the ultimate cool. He robs people, sets-up heists, gets away with it, and as an added bonus gets to sleep with Jennifer Lopez at her all-time hottest. The only thing he does wrong is get shot, but that’s just a small slip-up with his character. Not only that, but TNT plays this flick all the time for some reason, meaning Georgey-boy’s still scooping royalties.

Jeff Bridges: The Big Lebowski – “The Dude”

Were you really expecting someone else? The Dude is what every guy really inspires to be. He’s so chill it’s scary. Not only does he live the life every guys dreams of, but he graces every freshman guy’s dorm wall – which is actually something we’d be proud of. Be honest, if it weren’t for him, would it even cross your mind to ever order a White Russian?

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