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Sep 20 2012

Five Antiquated Traffic Laws that Need Updating

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I’m all for keeping roads safe.  In fact I don’t think most traffic laws are strict enough.  I can’t stand when people talk on their phones in cars and am blown away that it’s still legal in most states.   I’m furious over the amount of texting that goes on while driving and thank God commercials are starting to appear that cover the subject.

And while my beliefs in road safety are pretty strong, there is a part of me that knows there are some laws that are simply outdated.   What I mean is, people break these laws all the time and it’s only the unlucky ones who get caught.  And to be honest, it’s just kind of dumb.

Here are four traffic laws that I think need adjustments….

55 mph speed limit on Long Island Expressway

That there is still a 55 mph speed limit on many New York highways completely baffles me.   The fact is, if you’re going under 70 you’re probably not going to get pulled over by a cop unless he’s pissed.   And the thing is, if the speed limit were upped I really don’t think people would all of a sudden start going 85.   I really think if the speed limit were 65, people would just feel more comfortable going 70.   I know when I travel in the south and the speed limit is 70 in some areas, I’ll rarely go higher than 80.

Making a Right on Red

It’s not that I think making a right on red is safe in all instances.  But I don’t think there needs to be some kind of an adjustment to this law.   What if there are no cars in any direction?  What if a camera were put in to determine the distance?  Some kind of law would be appropriate that deems what’s safe to make a right on red with.   There are just too many times I can make a right on red and I don’t because of the sign that tells me not to.


I remember being in Los Angeles at the age of 16 and I crossed the street when I wasn’t allowed to.  I swear to God I didn’t see a car in any direction and people looked at me like I was crazy.   Like the right on red, there should be something about jaywalking.   I mean if you can’t see a car for miles should you really be given a ticket for crossing the street because the light isn’t in your favor?  Fact is, people don’t really get jaywalking tickets much but still.

Going through a red light with no cars around or shortening the light duration

If it’s 3am and there are no cars around shouldn’t a red light be more like a stop sign?  I would think so.  Maybe make a blinking red light past a certain time in certain towns?  Or a better idea would be to have a timer.   Red lights at night should last considerably less time than in the day when there’s more traffic.

All of Parking in New York City

Honestly I just think the entire parking system in New York City needs to be updated.  Either that or get some number of car limit.  I know that sounds ludicrous but parking in New York is a joke, will always be a joke, and will never be fixed until some kind of serious plan is put into place.   Problem is there’s just not enough room.



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