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Sep 19 2012

5 Minor Chores Around the House that Feel So Major But Aren’t

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Ever since we were kids and we were assigned our first chores, we hated doing them.  It’s just one of those facts of life.  To be honest I don’t know the origins of hating to do chores but I’m sure it stems from having to do something that you’re told to do.  No one likes authority and no one like being told what to do.

But some chores are kind of a joke.  Some chores actually go a long way in keeping a home nice, or keeping your life in order, and yet we do whatever we can to avoid them.   Mowing a lawn is annoying, time consuming and an understandably crappy chore to try and get out of.  Cleaning an entire bathroom is another.

However, when it comes to these menial tasks, you really can’t complain…..

Doing Laundry

There’s only one scenario where I can’t blame people for bitching about doing their laundry and that is if they don’t have washing machines and dryers in their homes.  That or they live in a skyscraper building and the laundry is in the basement.   If you have washers and dryers in your home laundry really isn’t a big deal.  Two minutes to put the stuff in.  Two minutes to transfer it to the dryer and then maybe 10 min to fold?  We’re talking 14-16 minutes of total time here!  And yet we HATE doing laundry.  Hate it.

Cleaning a Pot, Dish or Dishes or Silverware

Why is that dishes sometimes wind up in the sink for weeks?  How much more efficient would your life be if you just washed a dish or pot as soon as you were done using it?  And if you have a dish washer?  There are just no excuses here.  Seriously.   But here we are, leaving crap int eh sink for weeks.   Cleaning a pot takes 3 minutes tops.

Picking something up off the floor or off a desk, night table, etc etc

Why do we let piles accumulate?  I swear to God every month my night table gets filled up with bullshit receipts and just crap that isn’t supposed to be there.  It’s stuff I wind up throwing away anyway and yet I let it pile up.  Why not just keep it clean every day?

Cleaning a toilet

This one seems dreadful but it’s literally a 5 minute job.  I think people are just grossed out because it’s a toilet.  Honestly just wash your hands when you’re done it’s not a big deal.  We’re talking 5 minutes, once a week here.  Is that so tough?

Emptying a Garbage or Taking It Out

Everyone hates taking out the garbage.  I know I do.  I can’t stand it.  But why?  It’s a two minute job.   It’s really not hard.  Replacing the bag is a joke.  And yet all of us just let crap pile up day after day to avoid having to actually take it out.  Man we are some lazy ass people.  At least I am.


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  • Steve S.

    Me, I HATE putting away leftovers after a meal. I mean, you dump them in some tupperware and stick ‘em in the fridge, right? 30 seconds, yah? But I hate that chore. Hate it. Go figure.



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