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Sep 17 2012

The Best Late Night Food Options

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There’s a saying that “Nothing good happens after midnight,” but unless you’re a parent worrying about where your 16-year-old is, we tend to disagree with the notion.

We feel like if you’re out past the start of a new day, your night’s actually a couple hours away from being over. Whether you’re partying all night, bored at home watching a movie, or just dropping off a friend you scooped up from the airport, there’s reason to be excited about some things. One of which is late-night eateries.

We’ve all seen – and probably experienced – Taco Bell’s Fourth Meal. It’s fantastic, and needs to be celebrated for always being there to take care of us. But it’s not alone. These are some of the other spots we can salute as the best places to chow when needed. We’re hungry as hell just thinking about them.

1. Taco Bell

We already mentioned it for all the right reasons. The fact they spent money on a damn marketing campaign targeting all those who love to treat their hangovers early is ingenious. You may have dropped $100 at the bar, struck out while buying those drinks for two different chicks, and are in a cab home with your best friend, but take solace in the fact that the five extra bucks you do have can buy you a hell of a meal!

As an extra little benefit, if you’re lucky enough to have it be jointed with Pizza Hut – grab a grilled stuffed burrito and breadsticks, while enjoying the greatest invention ever created.

2. Denny’s

We’re a little pissed off about this one. Hailing from Tennessee, we don’t even have the luxury of dropping-in at 3am like we did during our “study breaks” back in college. We’re actually tempted to drive the 45 minutes up to Kentucky just to grab ourselves a “Moons Over My Hammy.” For all those that love breakfast no matter what the clock says, Denny’s is the place to be!

3. Any Local Pizza Joint

We have no idea where you’re from, but we’ll bet there’s a hot spot for a little slice of heaven. Whether you’re in the mood for a hefty slice, filled with grease and all the toppings, or the most delicious cheesesticks on the planet, there’s very few things that can make your night complete quite like some ‘za… okay, maybe this is the other?

4. Jimmy John’s

Doesn’t matter if you went to college or not, if you’ve ever stepped foot on one, you know this is a staple for all things late night. We recommend closing down the bar, calling in your order, and getting your ass home. Guarantee your sandwich is there by the minute you stumble up your front porch. Once you have it in hand, enjoy that fresh aroma, and see it disappear within five minutes.

5. Wendy’s

We couldn’t put together a list of places and not include a place that has the greatest burger known to man! Behold, The Baconator is without question our personal choice for late night dining. Not in the mood for two layers of bacon stacked on top of two patties? No worries, you can grab yourself one of the other meals, or just settle for the classic JBC for just over a buck! America, what a country!

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