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Sep 14 2012

Five Shows on TV Right Now That Could Be Good Movies

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The transition of TV shows to movies hasn’t always been a good one.   Many times it takes a ton of popularity to successfully pull it off.  But movies like Dukes of Hazard are proof that in some cases you really just shouldn’t touch television shows (even though Jessica Simpson was smoking in that movie).   Then you’ve got a movie like Sexy and the City which has such a huge following that you know it’ll be a success no matter what (and no matter how crappy it is for males).

So what the hell makes for a good TV to Movie transition?  I think it’s a tough call but it’s a combination of subject matter, loyal audience, and of course people “buying into the idea.”   So what TV shows on right now have the stones to turn into successes at the box office?

Well here are five I think would make it and my reasoning behind it…..

Breaking Bad

First of all this show has a gigantic following.  Second of all, it’s already an hour long and can easily stretch one episode into two (which would be a full length featured film).  Third of all it’s about drug dealing.  Everyone loves movies about drug dealing.  In all honesty you could probably just take an episode of this show, put it on the big screen and you’ve got a movie that people would pay to see.  I wouldn’t be surprised if after this season, 2 years later a movie comes out.


Honestly this simply begins and ends with Aaron Sorkin.   It’s impossible to have anything with Aaron Sorkin attached that would fail right now.   And of all these shows (which are hour longs) this one is a legitimate hour.   Sorkin would have no problem writing a whole movie for this show.   And not to mention Thomas Newman does the music.  He’s the man.

Mad Men

A bunch of cocky, badass, good looking dudes in the ad world who objectify women?  Sign me up.

True Blood

There’s just too big a crowd out there for a movie to fail.   Not to mention the entire damned population is obsessed with vampires and zombies right now.  A show as successful as this would naturally transition over to the big screen quite easily.   Plus there’s tons of nudity and sexy people in it so you’ve got that, which is nice.


Seriously, pick any finale and you’ve got a movie.   Plus what audience wouldn’t want a 2 hour case?

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