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Sep 12 2012

Five Great Natural Ways To Get to Sleep If You’re Having Trouble

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I know that most articles we write on here have some sort of humorous twist to them.   In fact most of them are kind of silly and the topics don’t necessarily hit home in the deepest ways.  However, my sleep patterns haven been absolutely awful lately.  And I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m not getting regular and good sleep I’m a total mess.

Hell I’m not asking for 10 hrs here (in fact that’s bad).  I just want the necessary REM sleep to get me through the day.   I guess being the parent of a baby doesn’t leave one much choice does it?   Even so, for people like me, and any of you out there having trouble sleeping like you should, there are some things you can do without taking a pill.

Here are five things I’ve found that work….

Get to the gym and time your workout

Make sure that you’re getting exercise.   If anything it’ll make you tired.  But just as important is to time it so that you’re working out a few hours (no more than 5 or 6) before you plan on going to bed.  If you work out too close to your bedtime you might be up all night.   Make sure you get a good sweat on and you should naturally fall asleep.

Try keeping your eyes open for as long as you can

Let’s say you’re actually in bed and you’re trying to go to sleep.   The whole counting sheep thing has some merit to it but I find it rarely works.  Instead I pick a spot on the wall or even something that looks like a light and I stare at it for as long as I can keep my eyes open.  If you’re tired your eyes won’t stay open.  I promise you.

Have a child

Want to sleep easy?  Have a kid.  I’m not saying you’ll get more sleep.  In fact your sleep will suck.  But nothing will actually put you to sleep faster than having a child.

Dietary changes

Cut out the crap.   Add some protein.  Drink some hot tea or warm milk.  Do your research and look up foods that promote healthy sleep.  If you’re chowing down on Wendy’s all day chances are you probably don’t sleep well.   The body needs to maintained like a machine.  That means eating like one.

Be a scheduling machine

By this I mean try to get to bed at the same time each night.  And I’m talking about weekends to.  If you do this you’ll find yourself getting tired around that same time within weeks.  The human body adjusts to schedules and fast.   Make yourself a sleeping machine.




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