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Sep 12 2012

Dumb Mistakes To Make on Facebook

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We all know Facebook runs your day. Have a few minutes on the train in-between meetings? Pull out that iPhone and start checking your News Feed. You could really care less about all the people who are either preggers or engaged, but you still can’t help yourself scrolling through.

While it’s true FB is the ultimate time-killer, there’s mistakes that everyone can make while using it. And though you shouldn’t really care about a small mistake, you just can’t seem to help yourself when you know 1500 people will see it on their updates or in your profile.

So next time you’re just trying to waste some time, make sure you know what you’re doing before making some of these social media deadly sins.


This is by far the worst invention ever. What’s the purpose of it anyway? Some people say it’s to get a friend’s attention. Other’s have told us it’s to tell someone you have a little crush on them. If you can’t explain the damn thing, than you shouldn’t be using it, ’cause who knows how that hot girl from spin class will take it. Your harmless little poke could mean social suicide, and surrendering you to the title of that “creepy guy from the gym.” Yikes.

Writing “Happy Birthday” on the Wrong Day

Everyone loves their birthday being recognized; hell, we’re convinced that’s why 75% of FB users haven’t actually deleted their accounts. But just because your friends’ birthday is up there today, doesn’t actually mean it’s not till tomorrow or the next day. Don’t be the jackass who wishes someone a happy birthday before it happens, it only shows how awful of a friend you really are.

Not Untagging Yourself

We’re in the majority of people who could care less what our pictures show us doing. Look, everyone drinks with friends, so if an employer or our boss happens to see us with a nut exposed while hammered, who really cares. But there definitely are times when you should use that detag button; the holidays. If you’re a single dude, the last thing a girl wants to see is a bunch of pictures of you looking like hell on Christmas morning, holding up the new sweater your grandparents just got you. Facebook is social media, so keep it very, very social.

Forgetting to Logout of Your Account

Oldest mistake in the book; not clicking “logout” before leaving a computer. We have friends who literally just keep their account open in a tab all the time. How? Why? The only thing holding someone back from updating your status to, “I masturbate to old women,”  is having a conscience, but even that isn’t necessarily foolproof. Just do yourself a favor and make sure your sh*t’s closed.

Get Caught Stalking in Public

We’re not telling you to never check your profile in public, but we are saying that you shouldn’t do anything more than just post a status or “Like” a friend’s post in your feed. Now’s not the time to be going through pics of that blonde chick in a bikini, or checking to see how big your buddy’s new girlfriend’s boobs are. There’s no telling who might know the person you just happen to be creeping on.

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